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Do You Have A Bucket List?

Do you have a list of things you want to do before you die?

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN MY MIND. I truly believe that. From an inner desire to climb Mount Everest to skydiving in Dubai, whatever it is you have to understand that it is possible.

If you do have a list, you know its a list that isn’t ever set in stone. Constantly changing, whether you’re adding, marking off, contemplating, reworking the order, it's never ending. Of course it is my goal to get you to want to cross off as much as you can from that list! (You probably don't even need my help). There are just so many things to do in so little time. Some things are really gonna scream your name, others…not so much! One thing I would like for you to start doing, (If you’re really serious about living this life to the fullest), is start treating this list as a project list. It’s as simple as that. LOOK AT YOUR BUCKET LIST AS PROJECTS.

Think about a small company. They are on a very big mission to grow and expand & in order to do that they have to set goals & establish projects in order to ensure they are taking the steps needed to make sure they are moving in the right direction. When you establish projects you must create a game plan or a blue print of how you're going to complete such project. This idea of yours to dive with sharks in Australia, is NO DIFFERENT. You have to begin to ask yourself, “How am I going to do this?” & put your ducks in a row and just start doing it.

Lets break it down a step further so that you can put it into even better perspective. 2019 just started, so lets create a short term goal & a long term goal. For myself, I have established SKYDIVING as my short term goal. Its relatively inexpensive & I can do it within 6 months. Once I am complete with that short term goal (hopefully I can cross it off quickly) I will set myself up with a newer short term goal. Could be anything from learning a new language to flying in a hot air balloon! My long term goal this year is to either go to Peru with my grandfather or make my way to Asia. In order for me to make the second one happen I have looked at airfares for both locations multiple times. I have set a budget, I have a list of things I want to see and do there. My long term goal does not stop with just visiting those places though. I also have a second long term goal. That second long term goal is to start a video series called “The Art of Travel” where I really get lost in another culture. Interview locals, eat with locals, do things that aren’t so much touristy but really get out of my comfort zone and share that with you guys through long form video.

Here are some easy steps to help you start. I am sure these are things you could have thought of yourself but if you haven't its good to speak them and start practicing them.

1. Start saving

Lets be honest, you aren’t going to be able to do anything or go anywhere if you don’t create a fund where you can put money aside and only use it for THE LIST. Start by putting any $5 bills you come across, or putting $50 away every paycheck. It starts with how much you’re willing to put away!

2. Write your list down

Creating a list where you can see it on paper enables you to never forget it. It also creates a visual for you to see daily. Place it somewhere you can see it and you can start to see what item sticks out the most to you. Over time, you will start to see items become bigger than others because you want to do that adventure the most.

3. Talk about your list

Talking about your list allows you to bounce ideas of other people and creates excitement. It can also get others thinking about that item as well and you could turn something you were gonna do by yourself into something you’re now gonna share with someone else.

4. Hold yourself accountable

Doing all these things above assist with this one, because you have established and told yourself that you are gonna do it.

5. Plan it out as best as possible by turning it into actionable steps

  • Get a passport

  • Research the best location in Australia for diving with sharks

  • Determine when the best time to go shark diving is

  • Request time off from work

  • Research flights to Australia

  • Book a flight to Australia

  • Research SAFEST shark diving excursions

  • Book excursion

Remember, someday is not a guarantee. Get out of that thought process, and start looking at the things you want to see and do as priorities and from a different perspective. Down below I will write some recommendations for your bucket list some of which are on mine!

  • Work abroad

  • Cage dive with sharks

  • Tattoo abroad

  • Get Published

  • Learn two new languages

  • Deep Sea Fishing

  • Fly in a private jet

  • Go on a safari

  • Climb Half Dome

  • Step foot on Antarctica

  • Spend a week in Patagonia

I have not forgotten about the credit card point post. I am still working on it, but I put it on hold for time being for research purposes as well as giving you content sooner rather than later. It is coming and I think you guys will benefit from that post! So stay tuned,

& remember

Adventure Always


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