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Airports, Change Your Perspective.

Ah, One of my favorite vibes...Airports.

I LOVE AIRPORTS. Literally love them. I'm gonna geek out for a minute here & hopefully you can feel my enthusiasm for this. When I think about airports I think about the endless possibilities of where I can go. You literally can walk into an airport pick a destination and just be like, BOOM, I'm on my way. I have yet to do that.... - Walk into an airport with no destination chosen, and just pick a place to go. That would be cool and bucket list worthy. Airports have this smell & energy about them that I just get goosebumps thinking about (extra I know) but that is who I am. I LOVE IT.

There is so much adventure in airports & There is only one thing I hate about airports. We will get to that in a sec but first I want to talk about all the things I love. One of my favorite moments is when the TSA line is backed up & the person I am traveling with lets out a slight sigh because almost everyone I know HATES the TSA line and its understandable. I just love giving them a look and letting out a smile because to me its an adventure (& a process). Stand in line, pick up bags, set down bags, pick them up again, walk a few feet, set them down, crack a joke, think about the people in front of you, pick up bags, walk a few feet, spot a dog, think about why you didn't bring yours, set bag down, think about how hot and uncomfortable you are, GET EXCITED ABOUT YOUR TRIP. Seems like a terrible process huh? haha but man I love it.

Airports are little cities. They are like a throbbing heart & I am certain they require a lot of tedious work to ensure they're functioning at high efficiencies. There are so many moving pieces. Imagine how many people walk through an airport on any given day? Think about on the busiest days of the year, How much money an airport can produce on those days? What about their electric bill? I bet that is outrageous, not compared to how much they make but I bet its still a big bill. lol I don't know the process nor do I know even in the slightest how it works but the process of getting planes up in the air and getting them grounded just seems intriguing and damning at the same time haha. These are the things I think about while I stroll through the airports. My mind moves fast as it is but definitely takes off at times like this.

I wish I could rank all my favorite things to do at an airport but I would have an extremely hard time doing that. I definitely love snacking though. That may be the case anywhere but I love to grab some Sour Patch Kids and a drink & just stare out the window at the runway and just watch...simply watch the planes take off or just look at the people drive the little carts around making sure the people get their bags. If I don't have a good view of the runway I also like to just people watch. Hell, to be honest I am happy sitting on the ground after lugging my stuff around for a mile and plugging up and just scrolling/researching my next move once I get off the plane. If I am coming back from a trip I like to edit my pictures or my videos to upload to my socials.

You know, the airport is also one of the only places I can think of where you can sit at a bar top at 9 AM and slam a few beers down without being judged. Most times I have done this there is also someone next to me who is willing to strike up a conversation with me & to me that is a wonderful interaction. The bill that comes with it though is not so great, in most cases it can be worse than entertainment events where the markup is pretty high but nonetheless it's something I do enjoy.

I share this next airport niche with very few people but I can not stress how important it is to me! AIRPORT OUTFITS.


Something very small but I like to wear my best outfits to the airport. lol I like to look "fly" (get it, HA) but to be honest I wear my best shoes, my favorite jeans, and usually a WNDR shirt. No I don't judge other peoples outfits because everyones taste is different but an airport outfit is definitely a vibe and I advise you too take them seriously.


Really the only tough thing about airports are the goodbyes. Literally the only shitty part about them in my opinion. Whether it's a friend or a loved one. Whether its simply outside the airport or you see two people staring at each other through a glass window while tears roll down their face, its sucks tremendously. You could even be traveling back from laying a family member to rest. You never know the circumstances but regardless saying goodbye is by far the worst. Then the countdown starts till you get to see the people/places you love again.


There is one thing about airports I have yet to explore or talk about, mainly because I haven't tapped into this niche yet. However, I will be exploring and introducing airline lounges into my travels soon and will be giving you guys feedback on them, letting you guys know about their perks & so forth. I have gone into the USO's which are reserved for military members and their families and man do I love them. They provide you with many things like toiletries and snacks. They usually have tv's in there to help make any layovers easier. A small token of appreciation for service members but goes a very long way. If you happen to serve, or have served I thank you as well. Be sure to use the facilities and treat them with respect as well.

I leave you with the challenge to change your perspective on the process revolving around airports. I challenge you to see the fun in all processes and just enjoy things a little more than before.

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