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Just Jump.

Let's see if I can properly put this into context that will make you FEEL adventurous.

Some background, I have a "fear" of three things in life.

1. Heights

2. Kidney Stones

3. Centipedes (The Madagascar kind, not the ones you find in homes. Big ass, 5,000 legs...) keep your laughs to yourself.

"Fear" is in quotations because I don't believe in fear. "Fear" is a thought, a thought you create in your imagination. I've always known this, I just didn't know how to form this feeling into words. Will Smith has a great quote that goes, "Fear is not real. It is a product of thoughts you create. Do not misunderstand me. Danger is very real. But fear is a choice." This quote is the very feeling I have when I approach something that strikes "fear" in me.

Now let me bring this around. I have always pushed myself to my limits, I love to push myself outside of my comfort zone because I have a big belief that we grow the most when we are outside our bubble. Pushing yourself into controlled situations where "fear" is the driving force is good for you. Jumping out of a plane is one of those instances I encourage everyone to take.

Now, a little comedy. The waivers these people make you sign is CRAZY. There are so many things you sign with such straightforward, make you second guess verbiage its ludicrous. The amount of times I had to read "You acknowledge that skydiving can result is serious injury or death" was insane. Like no shit Sherlock. I don't want to think about it while I am about to do it though. I think everyone thinks about death before they do it & if you don't... well you're a psychopath. They have you watch videos with the same verbiage and pretty serious tone. Not sure I paid much attention to it though because I was instagramming hardcore. I was so nervous/excited/scared that I was anxious to just jump. We didn't get to jump for a whole two hours though. At least 20-30 people made the jump, & I saw each and everyone of them come down.

The friends I went with though made the experience really fun though. Almost everyone that went was on their first jump. We all had the same feelings, same experience.

I am not sure you're really hit with true emotion until you're on the pavement about to board the plane. Once you experience that feeling, you realize that you're not really experiencing emotion until you are on your way up climbing to 14k feet at a pace you haven't really climbed it in the smallest plane you've ever been in. It's a ride filled with a lot of feelings...from seeing the calm joyful conversations the instructors are having to the first timers who aren't saying a damn word lol. Then there is me, thinking about crashing, dying, and HOLY SHIT THIS IS GONNA BE AWESOME. Palms are sweating but I am still looking out the window because when you're flying over Hawaii with 50 shades of water and incredible landscapes beneath you, you don't want to miss the view. & If this is your last view, you want it to be great.

Alright I am done with the death thing. hahah.

Once the instructors start strapping up, helmets go on, and you and the instructors become one, well that's excitement...adrenaline. Now a feeling I am not sure I will be able to convey very well is the feeling of seeing someone you share blood with jump before you. Yes, I know we are skydiving. Yes, I know that means we are jumping out of a plane. Seeing someone you know jump out of a plane right before you is CRAZY though. One minute they are there, the next {Whoosh} BYE BYE LITTLE GUY.

They're gone.

It made me think to myself "wtf am I doing" & I haven't had that thought since I was in Pamplona running my ass away from 6 bulls chasing me down an alley with no way out. I stood on the edge of this plane, the person who I had just seen leave the plane was no where to be seen. Once, you're on the edge of the plane...& you see growth, adventure, & bliss, the fear leaves and you're committed. It's all joy from here.



When you're free falling, it is very different from the feeling you get from anything else. It is unlike any rollercoaster, it is unlike anything that gives you that feeling of your stomach going into your throat. ITS HAPPINESS. Everything evaporates and its just you guys experiencing just that. One of my favorite feelings from my jump was when we were falling and you could see everything from blue waters to luscious green landscapes & then BOOM, we fall right through a cloud. My world had switched dramatically to the point where the air was moist, cold, and all I could see was gray and the videographer that was in front of me. I remember thinking to myself "This was worth every penny" lol. Once the instructor pulled the chute, up we went and it was one of the most relaxing experiences I have had. sitting there staring at awesome. He would yank one side of the chute and {whoosh} here we went on a free fall before he would yank the other side and stable us back out. He would do it again so we could descend back to the ground and every time I got that feeling you would get on the way down in a rollercoaster. I had to recollect my thoughts and feelings after the jump though and reassess what I had just gone through. When you throw yourself out of plane you really don't think about enjoying the moment as much because just jumped out of a plane lol.

Anyways, I really want you guys to jump out of a plane. I really want you guys to live your best life. & most of all I really want you guys to GROW. Be a better version of yourself than yesterday, I think this is a good step in major change. & If you do decide to jump I recommend Hawaii & I recommend Skydive Hawaii.

& remember,



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