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Pardon my French

I am writing this while I am on the flight back to Texas, so my feelings are still fresh. & let me start by saying... Paris is hands down the best place in the world. I thought that after my first trip to Paris, I think it after my most recent as well. There just isn’t a place in the world that I know of that intertwines the past and present so well. Nothing I come across in Paris is an eye sore. Let me just create a run on sentence of all the things I love about France in general. The architecture, the historical landmarks, the baguettes, the people, the language, the subway, the Seine, the layout of the city, THE PASTRIES. Literally the only thing I could do without is their selection of lunch/dinner. If I could create a place where my dinner consisted of Italian cuisine, and French pastries, then I’ve found my place for retirement. However, even though the selection for French cuisine is on the lower end for me I am completely content with eating a Jambon sandwich at a park bench with a pastry to follow. Best sandwich you will consume & people watching is always fun.

I really do want to go in depth for my love of this city though. I really want to get my readers to understand the literal magic this city has. Disneyland believes it has the formula for magic, but they are wrong. Paris holds the secret. I don’t feel what I feel in Paris in any other city. Maybe Positano, but I think that is just breathtaking and my family hates when I compare apples to oranges. You see, you can walk down a Parisian street in a neighborhood, walk into a bar, get a coffee and attempt to have a conversation with a local and it be one of the greatest encounters you would have. Those moments are the best moments, granted, you can find that in any city. Paris, just always wins.

One thing I also really appreciate about Paris is sitting in front of the Eiffel Tower & watching people take the corniest of pictures. Not in the bad way but being able to sit back and appreciate other people having fun! It is the most touristy thing ever but you have to appreciate happiness, and if there is one thing people should appreciate in today’s world is that happiness comes in all types of ways. When I see a cute couple taking a “cute” picture I think it is corny, but it is FUN, so appreciate it and do it too!

I will be doing a guide for Paris that you can use as a reference when you decide to venture. It will be pretty in depth, it will give you plenty of tips and tricks as well. I hope that you use it once you decide to go. This was a little taste of what I felt and I had to attempt to put into words. I will be writing tomorrow to give you guys more of an itinerary. I hope this left you wanting to read more.

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