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A weekend in Yosemite.

A weekend in Yosemite.

So you’re thinking about going to Yosemite? GREAT DECISION.

Here you will find my top 5 things to do in Yosemite and why I think they are must do’s.

1. Glacier Point

Probably the most famous and most accessible viewpoint in the region. Once you get up here your left with a view that is really hard to beat. You can access this point by car or by trail (Four Mile Trail). Which is 4.8 miles one way, 9.6 round trip & an elevation change of 3,200 ft.

2. Tunnel View Outlook

The view made famous by Ansel Adams, Second best view point you’re gonna get in the whole park in my personal opinion. You are gonna get a view of El Capitan’s beautiful granite wall, Half Dome in the distance, & Bridalveil Falls all in one picturesque setting.

3. Mist Trail

Hike 1.2 miles (one-way) and 1,000 vertical feet to the top of Vernal Falls; going on to Nevada Falls adds 1.5 miles and 1,000 feet to your trip. Definitely bring a water resistant jacket and something to protect your camera gear because the name definitely says it all, YOU WILL GET WET. Not soaking, but still. Lol

4. Yosemite Valley

Here you are gonna have access to multiple things like viewpoints, different trailheads, access to river, access to the local market (which has everything you need), & big fields where you can just relax, eat, and take in the fresh air (underrated).

5. Mariposa

This is a very cool town. It is small, has all necessities from markets, cafe’s, souvenirs, and a welcoming/cozy small town vibe. It is also where most of your lodging will be. This made my list because here is where you will get to enjoy the locals and you will also get to enjoy a part of the area that isn’t as touristy. I think that is important while traveling. However, to save yourself 30-45 minutes leaving the park I recommend just camping. Just make sure you bring layers and a good sleeping bag because the temperature DROPS at night.


STAR GAZING. If you have the luxury of going to Yosemite during a new moon I highly recommend it. I suggest going to Glacier Point or staying in the Valley for a night where you will most likely be able to see the Milky Way with the naked eye, and that is a view you won’t be able to get many other places.

HALF DOME. I have not done this yet, which is why it is not in my top 5. It is on my list for next season, and I am pretty determined to conquer it. If you have a chance to do it before me, I encourage you heavily! Don't let me have the bragging rights ;). Climb Half Dome, and bask in greatness.

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