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Why did I decide to backpack Europe?

Why did I backpack Europe?

I live my life based off of 2 core principles.

  1. Be better than I was yesterday in at least one aspect of life.

  2. Allow myself the opportunity to be uncomfortable.

Which leads me into the topic. —> Why I believe everyone should take a backpacking trip abroad.

I took my first trip abroad at the age of 20. I went for about a month and a half & I visited 3 different countries (France, Italy, Spain). My mother had always pushed me to travel. She always pushed me to try new experiences - from food to activities & I have always longed for what’s around the corner, or what’s gonna meet me the second I step off a plane.

I literally went home one night, and bought the first plane ticket I saw to Paris.

It was spontaneous.

It was thrilling.

It was sensational.

Terrifying really.

I looked at it like this, and only like this. Andrew, you just put yourself in a hole. You just signed up for a month and a half of being lost, by yourself.

Now are you gonna find yourself?

You see, metaphorically I love to put myself in holes - Ones where I can buckle down and bring myself out of it because failure just isn’t an option. I like to create uncomfortable situations (within reason) because I believe that those situations allow you to grow as an individual. This was one of those situations. You see, being abroad is one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. I was forced out of my comfort zone far more than I ever anticipated. Those moments where I was out of my comfort zone ended up being some of the greatest moments of my life. From dining with local Parisians in the sketchiest of parts, to sharing tomatoes with Spaniards at a bull fight, to running into people I knew from previous countries 2 weeks before. & I still haven’t scratched the surface of what I got to live from that trip!

Things I learned on my trip

  • Call me unpatriotic, but America isn’t that great.

  • People are nicer than you think.

  • The world isn’t that scary.

  • Hospitality is a universal language.

  • You are forced out of your shell and forced to think critically.

  • Curiosity reveals more good than bad.

  • The history you come across, beats ANY classroom.

  • Your way isn’t the right way.

I am gonna go more in depth about each country, and specific adventures I got myself into. Most stories will be centered around comfort zones and growth. I am looking forward to sharing those with you. If you have thought about Backpacking, DO IT! You won’t regret it!

Adventure Always


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