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One of the main reasons I started WNDR was so I could encourage adventure & travels. I feel like everyone should get to live a lifestyle where they put there life first. One of the ways I get to persuade or encourage is by writing, or by providing you with an opinionated piece as to why I think you should. This is one of those PIECES!!

For starters, I don't judge anyones lifestyle, if things make you happy, by all means go out and get them! This is just my stance on


  1. Experiences contribute to who you are - When you’re off in another country, or you’re outside of your comfort zone in any way you allow yourself the opportunity to grow as an individual. You see situations from a different perspective and I think that is so important nowadays. You give your character/person an opportunity to develop in a way you won’t if you stay within your comfort zone. Experiences become a part of you, when material things do not. Identity can be found, molded, & shaped.

  2. Material possessions can lose their new feel over time - We have all done it, We have our eyes on something new all the time. We practically salivate over certain things when we see them on TV or when we scroll through our social media. Once we get it though, we use it for a few months and then we lock eyes with something else. There will always be something better to feast your eyes upon once you acquire the new toy you want.

  3. Experiences are priceless - Of course, you knew this one was coming. In my experiences I have come to appreciate them more and more the more time grew between them. For instance I still value and cherish every moment I spent my first time in another country. I still talk to my friends I have met, I still think about those memories I made while I wash the dishes or drive to work. Don’t get me wrong, I love my car & the car note I pay is very much worth every dollar, but I think about what I can be doing with $225 every month, and where that can take me once I’ve made that payment for a year. Some things in life are unavoidable. Its the purchases that you don’t NEED but WANT that I am speaking on.

  4. Social Status - Ahh, might be one of the more under the radar reasons in my opinion. Growing up, material things was the way I felt like I could prove my worth, my value. I thought material things were the end game. (No I don’t think your lifestyle is wrong if you live this way) its just not MY LIFESTYLE. My electronics are something I can’t live without. So its definitely something I keep up with. I’m just okay with driving a KIA Optima or a Ford F-150 to work instead of a Ferrari or a Benz. That money I would spend on the car note, I’m happier spending it on a beach or climbing peaks. Thats how I feel at the moment at least, I would make an exception for a Tesla. Mainly because who doesn’t want the car to drive itself?!?

  5. Possessions don't contribute to social relationships - I bond so much harder with people who have had similar experiences to me in life. My face LIGHTS up when I can have a discussion with someone about a country I have been to, or an event we have both attended, or a food we both thoroughly enjoy. Hell, the only reason I met my Girlfriend was because I had just got back from my first trip abroad and her Eiffel Tower tattoo encouraged me to strike up a conversation with her. The city of love was literally a building block in our relationship. Ground zero.

This is a short list of exceptional reasons, just a few of many! I will be updating this post as time goes on, & I hope I have made you think a little harder about your next purchase or your next adventure. If you're in a real adventurous mood, go book your next trip RIGHT NOW!! GO GO GO. Thank you guys for taking the time to read, Remember, ADVENTURE ALWAYS!

Here are some experiences I highly recommend that you can do tomorrow!

- Art exhibit

- Sky dive

- Shark dive

- Learning a new skill

- Hiking

- Backpacking

- New foods

- A simple conversation with someone in a different lifestyle, economic bracket, even background.


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